How Secure is the AppointmentSCRIPT platform?

AppointmentSCRIPT is very secure

How do I access AppointmentSCRIPT?

AppointmentSCRIPT like any other standard internet application is accessible from anywhere via internet using your secure login credentials. The application is designed using responsive design which fits on any mobile device.

What is the purpose of AppointmentSCRIPT?

While AppointmentSCRIPT has been conceptualized keeping specific needs of a patient in mind bit is also aimed towards helping the doctors in a way they can make their interactions with their patients more frequent, valuable and productive.

How does AppointmentSCRIPT benefit doctors?

AppointmentSCRIPT sets the stage for the doctors to establish their online presence. Doctors recognize themselves by having an impressive profile on DocMate including all relevant details about their practice, hours, directions, awards, education, insurance etc. Now their patients can book appointments online with them as per their own convenience, send reminders about the upcoming appointments, request patients to leave a review about their visit, encourage them to refer their family & friends etc. all from one system with a click of a button.

What is it like to have a profile on AppointmentSCRIPT?

Each Doctor has access to create a personal profile on AppointmentSCRIPT for their practice for free. They can include all relevant details about their practice that patients can review to educate themselves and make informed decisions to choose them as their provider. Your profile will also show your reviews & ratings!

What is an online Appointment Booking & how do patients use it?

Patients can now book appointments with doctors at their own convenience for the time that works best for them instead of calling the doctor’s office several times. Patients can search for doctors in their zip codes depending upon the specialty, insurance and several other advanced search options.

Patients can also add doctors to their favorite list to book future appointments with an ease. As an online appointment is booked, your doctor receives an email notification to accept the appointment or suggest a change, depending upon latest availability. Once the appointment is confirmed by the doctor, patients will receive a confirmation via email and/or text message.

Doctors can add their existing patients into the AppointmentSCRIPT database and send them an introductory email to sign-up for DocMate service for free so existing and new patients can book appointments online with the doctor.

What is the Patient Reviews feature of AppointmentSCRIPT?

Once a patient has visited the doctors’ office, she can leave a review about her visit or your doctor can send you a request to leave a review. Once the review has been submitted by the patient, the doctor acknowledges the review and can also reply to the patient with feedback or a simple thank you!

As natural it may sound, from our experience we have seen patients prefer to choose doctors who have positive reviews posted on their profile.
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